Our 2 year old roar with energy, emotions, language, and desire to gain a stronger understanding of not only themselves, but “their” world. They question and challenge their new-found knowledge. Their favorite word is “why”.  At The Little Arrows Daycare, we don’t just provide an answer, we guide them to discover on their own.

Our toddler program is designed to celebrate and encourage children as they meet each developmental milestone.  2 year olds at this age level are introduced to a more structured day, as we focus on the next phase of growth and preparation for preschool. Our toddlers use the Abeka curriculum specifically designed with them in mind.

Children love to learn new things. With the Language Development Visuals,children develop their language and listening skills as they learn about and discuss God’s creation and the people and world around them. Ninety-nine topics include science, health, safety, manners, community helpers, geography, history, family, colors, and shapes.

Learning Numbers with Button Bear is a number-recognition and coloring book espe- cially designed for two-year-olds. This text helps children to listen, follow directions, and practice hand-eye coordination as they learn number concepts 1–10.

Abel 2 year old Curriculum Outline