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The Apostolic Family: Insight for Living in the Twenty-first Century

The Family Ministries Council has published an essential resource to guide Apostolic families in the twenty-first century. This new book addresses many of the challenges of parenting children, teens, and adults, and it contains valuable insight regarding singles, marriage, disability, elders, and faith differences among family members. The book contains a wealth of wisdom from experienced pastors and counselors including David K. Bernard, Stan Gleason, Anthony Mangun, and many others. Cutting-edge social-scientific and clinical insights are presented by Clay Jackson, Cindy Miller, Janice Sjöstrand, Brent Coltharp, and many more. An impressive collection of Apostolic authors with both practical and professional experience ministering to families consider all aspects of family life from academic and biblical perspectives.

Restoring Relationships, Strengthening Families, Inspiring Action

What Is It?

We have developed a collection of resources for pastors who wish to encourage families to commit to reading and discussing the Bible together. Resources include articles from Apostolic authors, sermons, and recommended books and websites. A promotional poster and graphics which you can adapt for your local church are available on our website. Please consider planning a Family Bible Week for your congregation soon.


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